Love, is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Love, comes in different flavours, shades and tones, but everyone seeks its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner.Β A good relationship is more than something we wantβ€”it’s something, we need, to be at our happiest, healthiest, most productive peak or limit. […]

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Perfect Gentleman.

Just in a jiffy Suddenly we met Hoping to become a casual friend But suddenly at a point My soul find solace in you Bringing out pure gentility Genuinely from my heart The one that cares from the deepest Even at the darkest Though at the brightness Behold, I will be with you Solidly behind […]

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Gold! A priceless procession Gold! A precious stone Gold! A gift from above Gold! A wish of every one Gold! A strive to possess Gold! A treasured gift Just as the gold I will not be mistaken To compare you as the Gold Remember that only the one That knows the true worth of a […]

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The Undying love

Oh! My undying love

Do you believe in innocence?

Do you believe in the truth?

Do you believe in righteousness?

Do you believe in purity?

Do you believe in hope?

Do you believe in passion?

Do you believe in companionship?

Do you believe in unity?

Do you believe in vision?

Do you believe in the heart?

The heart that pants for you

Always panting for your love

Oh! My undying love

In you my hope truly lies

My undying love

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The evil called HATRED.

Once upon a certain land Fruitful was her seed Bearing fruits day and night Plenty of Gold and Silver Riches in Diamond Platinum of nature A citadel of beauty Faithful was her inhabitants To the one who created her Unity was her bond Selflessness was her culture Purity was her heart Wishing each other nothing […]

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