Gold! A priceless procession

Gold! A precious stone

Gold! A gift from above

Gold! A wish of every one

Gold! A strive to possess

Gold! A treasured gift

Just as the gold

I will not be mistaken

To compare you as the Gold

Remember that only the one

That knows the true worth of a Gold

Can truly take possession of it

Looking deeply through your heart

Combined with your priceless beauty

I am marveled

All I can say is

Baby! You are Golden


You are simply Golden

From your pure gentility

That burns from your deepest

From the innocent beats

That sings out sweet melody

The sweet melody from your heart

I can see the pant for true love

Driven out from the bed of your soul

I can feel the touch of perfection

The perfection from above

I see the clearly the beauty

The beauty of your heart

You are an effigy of Gold

Verily! You are Golden


What a Golden piece

A citadel of beauty

A symbol majestic perfection

A well crafted piece

The handy creation of God

The kindness in your heart

It can not be quantified

The pureness of your soul

It is can not be bargained

Baby! You are Golden

Many are created

But few are Golden

All stones are defined

But Gold is refined

Gold is royalty

Gold is beauty

Gold is pureness

Gold is gentleness

Looking deeply through you

You are all I ever wished

Definitely! You are Golden


Your royal Goldness

Your steps are bold

Your smiles are priceless

Your moves are beautiful

The rays that emits from

Your eyes are quantum

Shining through the depth

Deeply from my heart

I asked myself…

How much can I define you?

How much can I ever wish for you?

How much can I rate you?

But the best answer to my

Most impeding questions is

Baby you are worth dying for

You are the best of your kind

You are simply Golden

Your royal Goldness

Baby! You are Golden 

The most priceless possession, refined and ever-wished resources created by the Almighty one (God) is Gold. Even at the darkest and though at the brightest, Gold is ever-wanted. 


 Written and composed by: Awoleye Oluwatosin Jr.


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