The Shift dress; A ladies bestfriend.

​Hey lovelies! Am super sorry I didn’t post anything last week, I really don’t have any excuse 🙈. I hope am forgiven. Kisses. I realized I haven’t posted anything on a fashion trend so I contacted my good friend Tosin; my natural hair mentor who is also a fashion stylist to help me with a content.She came up with this and it’s an interesting one for the ladies. Here you go;

I fell in love with the shift dress two years ago since then it has been an unending romance. It should be a must have for every lady just like the Little Black Dress  (LBD). Personally, I don’t  think the shift dress can ever go out of style because of it’s versatility. It can be worn for practically  any occassion  be it a wedding, dinner, casual outings  and also offical meetings. 

The shift dress is a dress that lacks detailed shaping. These dresses can be plain or feature A-line skirts style or empire waists and they are flattering on most body types.

 Shift dresses feature embellishments and slight variations in cut and designs with different necklines, each with its own benefits to different body types. They are usually either above the knee or below the  knee and also come in different  patterns and colours.

 In Nigeria today we see alot of shift dresses made in our native fabrics from ankara to lace to tye and dye etc.

Benita putting on a shift dress.

Straight shift dresses  can be worn  with blazers and heels for a formal look and can easily be made to look casual by removing the blazer and wearing a denim jacket and sneakers, ballet shoes  or gladiator sandals.

A sleeveless shift dress can also be paired with a long sleeve collared shirt. Shift dresses can also be paired with leggings or tights.

Tosin putting on a shift dress.

Ideas for accessorising shift dresses includes a belt  which can be used to define the waist; women with slim builds or hourglass figures will benefit from this kind of detail. Experiment with belts of different thickness to find the best look. Also, adding a string of pearls and a pair of heels for a classic look, adding a wooden bangle, bracelet, or statement necklace and sandals for a casual summery look, adding a blazer and heels to turn a shift dress into office wear, adding a delicate necklace and lose blazer to turn office wear into evening wear, or adding a leather jacket, boots, and tights for a casual winter look. 

Experiment by pairing the dress with different types of shoes from heels to ballet shoes  to sneakers to boots  to gladiator sandals to slippers. Every single one works depending on the occassion.Adding a scarf, necklace, bracelet, or bangle. Add layers with a cardigan, jacket, or blazer. If a cardigan looks frumpy, define the waist with a skinny belt. 

A shift dress is a must have for every woman regardless of your age. Trust me it always saves the day.  And don’t forget to follow Tosin on Instagram     to see more styling tips. Thank me later ladies ;). 

How helpful is this post to your fashion style? Where else would you rock a shift dress to? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. I will love to hear from you? 


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