Appreciation, Gratitude and Encouragement.

Hello guys !!! Over the course of the weekend I learnt a lot about Appreciation, Gratitude and Encouragement (AGE) which I would love to share with you all.

According to Mariam Webster’s Learning Dictionary, the following terms mean:


  • a feeling of being grateful for something
  • an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something : an ability to appreciate something

  • full awareness or understanding of something

Gratitude: a feeling of appreciation or thanks


  • the act of making something more appealing or more likely to happen

  • : something that makes someone more determined, hopeful, or confident

  • : something that makes someone more likely to do something

From the above definitions, appreciation and gratitude are synonymous and can be used simultaneously but still stand as individual words.

An incident happened in my house * I am so not sharing* and it made me realize that everyone from the young to the old need AGE, yes we do. Growing up I had thought the elderly ones don’t need encouragement but they need appreciation and gratitude only since they are old and have seen it all. But I failed to realize they are human too, aside from appreciation and gratitude which are mandatory to be given to the elderly ones they actually need encouragement even from the youngsters as they go through a lot to make sure we are fine and doing good even as young adults and they will stop at nothing to see us be the best and nothing less. Their role is for a long-term and only death will stop them from performing in that capacity.

Just like I will love to be AGE if I do a house chore, the maid will also want to be given AGE, and same goes to my mum also if she does anything, even if it is the regular things she does. In any form of relationship; business, family, friend etc, people want to be appreciated, they want to be shown form of gratitude and will also love to be encouraged as this improves relationships, brings sense of belonging and love.

Well everyone we interact with needs  AGE just like we do. When last did you AGE them?

Lets keep our date next week guys! I appreciate you dropping by.

Tutu ❤



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