Letter to my father…

Dear Daddy,

It’s been 10 years since I saw you,

A decade since our roads became a twist,

Hours and minutes bruising the best of me,

Days and months haunting the core of my being,

10 years since we paused that chatty walk of ours

I never knew I could live without gisting with you.

Saturdays and hair times are like ice-cream under the sun

Nail cutting time became candle when fire sat on its crown

10 years since I last heard you voice

Adefunke never sounded sonorous or pleasant like it used to.

There is a Teddy bear with blood racing in him I haven’t hugged for a golden decade

The car has lost his voice, Dad for ten years its horn has refused to shout like yours

Kaakaki the African Voice miss your viewership.

Your favourite green short has been asking of you.

10 years since I last saw your beautiful smiles that flashes your pretty set of teeth and gap tooth

10 long years Pastor B

I write this with tears in my eyes. I miss you a whole lot. I miss our bond. I miss how you treated me like a princess and made me realize my self worth. I miss how you commended me for talking to you with so much confidence. I miss how you geared me on whenever I learnt a new word in class, I miss you pampering me, and I miss hearing about the family tree from you. Daddy I miss you every day.

Your baby girl has grown a whole lot, all you taught her as a little growing girl has made a stronger version of me – an ambitious girl climbing the ladder of success, in a dauntless manner without the fear of failure in this cold cruel world.  Daddy look I will stop at nothing to make you proud of me like I have always done. I know things could have been a lot easier if you were around but it is well. Mother has done a great deal of work over the years and she’s still going to do more. You married a virtuous women who has decided to sacrifice and stay with us.

I’m not shy to talk about you to people as I still sometimes refer to you in the present – because Dad you never became a body even after your breath ceased, Dad you kept living in the woman I keep growing into. I will make sure your grandchildren know they had an amazing grandad they never met. You are gone but your memory lives on in our heart and your legacy in our lives.

I love you my King and first love.

Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord

With Love

Your Princess.

I’m still here waiting for my first letter to my father’s house to be taken away by the postman. It may be crazy to you, but it’s me trying to tell Dad I want Ice-cream, I want to gist, I want to walk,  I want to hear the car horn in grand-style like it always did. It’s me pouring my expensive love out in words.

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6 thoughts on “Letter to my father…

  1. Awww.. I read this with tears in my eyes.. Funky, you’ve been a strong lady all these while. May that strength never depart from you. God’s blessings sweetheart! I never met him but i’m sure there are traces of him in you. Keep shining #Godsgotyou


  2. God bless you dear….decided to check out your post for the very first time. This post is very emotional and instructive for all dads and dadtobes to be closer to daughters.
    The brevity of life…I saw my uncle last (on this plane) at my wedding. Though i had wanted to chat with everybody but didn’t have the chance (never knwe wedding days go that fast)…but my video guy captured him when he was talking with some close kins. (The beaty of technology) telling them that “Adeolu invited us to something for a long time, so we must be here”..God bless him.

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    1. Amen! That’s life Uncle someone might be here today and be gone tomorrow, it’s so short. Thank God he lived a meaningful and purposeful life. And thanks for dropping by the blog and leaving a very insightful comment. I appreciate it sir. God bless you


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