Appreciation, Gratitude and Encouragement.

Hello guys !!! Over the course of the weekend I learnt a lot about Appreciation, Gratitude and Encouragement (AGE) which I would love to share with you all. According to Mariam Webster’s Learning Dictionary, the following terms mean: Appreciation: a feeling of being grateful for something an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something […]

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The Undying love

Oh! My undying love

Do you believe in innocence?

Do you believe in the truth?

Do you believe in righteousness?

Do you believe in purity?

Do you believe in hope?

Do you believe in passion?

Do you believe in companionship?

Do you believe in unity?

Do you believe in vision?

Do you believe in the heart?

The heart that pants for you

Always panting for your love

Oh! My undying love

In you my hope truly lies

My undying love

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Blogging; the journey so far.

Hey lovelies, am super sorry am dropping my weekly post a day late, don’t mind me am still recovering from the Sallah meat hangover 😄. Well am in a groovy mood as this is my 21st post and this year marks my 21st, there is a lot to be grateful for you know. For this […]

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The evil called HATRED.

Once upon a certain land Fruitful was her seed Bearing fruits day and night Plenty of Gold and Silver Riches in Diamond Platinum of nature A citadel of beauty Faithful was her inhabitants To the one who created her Unity was her bond Selflessness was her culture Purity was her heart Wishing each other nothing […]

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Letter to my father…

Dear Daddy, It’s been 10 years since I saw you, A decade since our roads became a twist, Hours and minutes bruising the best of me, Days and months haunting the core of my being, 10 years since we paused that chatty walk of ours I never knew I could live without gisting with you. […]

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The Heroes

Do you have a dream?

What is your dream?

Are you scared to unleash your dreams?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe in the gift embedded in you by God?

Are you on the right path of your dreams?

Why don’t you satisfy the burning desire in you?

Are you waiting for the future?

Why don’t you follow your dreams and let the world know you…FOR THE FUTURE IS NOW!!

‘It is never too late until it is too late.’

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