The Beautiful souls…

Many are born

But few are beautiful

The beautiful souls

Souls so fragile and translucent

Angry but harmless

Like the mirror

I will be your true reflection

Like a fairy tale

I will be your dreams

Like a baby

I will sing your lullaby

Like a mother hen

I will protect you

Like a shadow

I will complement you

Like a morning star

I will be your hope

Like an arsenal

I will arm you

Like an angel

I will guide you

The beautiful souls

Covered with gold

Tendered with care

Anchored with love

Your heart is pure

Pure like the bee honey

Your are helpless

Helpless when hurt

The beauty of your heart

Beautiful like the gold

What a beautiful soul!

…And Adam said,This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called WOMAN,because she was taken out of MAN

This piece is dedicated to the Feminine gender,the weaker vessel and the beautiful souls. Spread love and denounce the abuse of the female sex.

…Say No To Domestic Violence

…Say No To Physical Abuse Of The Female Sex

…Arm Them and Don’t Harm Them

…Empower Them And Not Overpower Them

Piece written by: Awoleye Oluwatosin (Jnr)

        (Awo The Great)

I am a Poet

The Life Of A poet

Poetry in the making

 …Using poetry to change the world.

Photo credit: Google Image


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