Popular places in the Lagos market.

This is the last part of the series I started on the Lagos market some weeks ago praaaaiisssee master Jesus. In this post am going to share names of  popular plazas, streets and closes in the Lagos market and what you can find there in case you can’t get a guide. Here you go;

  1. Daddy Alhaja: This street is just in front of the tall UBA building in the Lagos market. All sorts of provisions and gift items are sold here.
  2. Dosunmu: If you are looking for baby things ranging from clothing to products, this is where you will get them.
  3. Pedro: In this street children clothing and adult under wears are sold at wholesale prices.
  4. Onikaun: Herbs and concoctions are sold in this particular street for children, well this is Nigeria, I drank them too.
  5. Ebute Ero: In this street majorly gift items and kitchen utensils are sold at wholesale prices.
  6. Idumota / Balogun: Clothing, foot wears, jewelries, hair extensions and bags are majorly sold here. You have to brush up your haggling skills to buy in this particular street.
  7. Mandillas: This is a plaza just along the road stretching from Idumota to Tinubu. Clothing ranging from men wear to women wear are majorly sold here. You have to brush up your haggling skills to buy in this particular street.
  8. Tinubu: All sort of materials are sold here ranging from polish cotton, satin, chiffon to linen, etc
  9. Tom Jones: All things bridal and tailoring materials are sold here; ready made bridal gowns, hair fascinators, bouquet, bridal hand fan, pins, thread etc
  10. Oluwole: Items like travelling boxes, clothing, muslim wears are sold here.
  11. Obanikoro: All sorts of jewellery ranging from beads, GL jeweleries to real gold and children back to school materials are sold here.
  12. Great Niger house: This is a very tall plaza in the market where all sorts of ‘imported’ items are sold. Ranging from clothing to foot wears etc.

Big thanks to my mum’s friend ‘Mummy Fali’ who told me about some places in the Lagos market I have never visited yet.

How helpful do you think this article is? Please let me know your response.

Cheers guys!!! I smell the weekend.


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