Gold on the streets of Lagos market. 

My entry into the corporate world has made me change my wardrobe drastically from mostly casual to corporate casual/ formal clothing.

As a self acclaimed big girl I started buying clothes from boutiques but I realized that my account was always going red and bae; my ultimate financial advisor kept fighting with me and making me understand the consequences of my heavy spending just at the beginning of my budding career in the tech industry. He kept suggesting that I shop at the Lagos market rather than the boutiques but I kept on rebuffing the idea as a thick ondo girl who I am *holla at my fellow ondo people we are the best kisses*. But reality check hit me pretty soon and I had to reconsider hence my journey to finding gold in the Lagos market.

The Lagos market popularly called Balogun market or Eko market is located on Lagos Island in Lagos state, Nigeria. The market has no particular address because it sprawls across so many streets on the Island. The market is recognized as the best place to buy fabrics, shoes, kitchen wares and the list is endless.



I discovered really good deals on items on my very first visit after wandering off and it was unbelievable. From clothing to weaves to clothing accessories and the list is endless. As an Oliver twist I keep going back for more.

Below are pictures of me wearing clothing I purchased from the market and each item asides the footwear and bags cost N2,000(naira)/ $7 or less talk about more for less this is where you will get it 😆.  This pictures have earned me the highest likes recorded on my social media accounts and new friends also. Check them out.

Both the pant and shirt was purchased from the market

The Jean jacket was purchased from the market and the skirt was a gift

The ripped jean trouser was purchased from the market and the top was a gift.

Yes I found gold on the street of Lagos market.

If you ever come visiting Nigeria this is one big market you should go shopping. You will surely find gold like I did.

I will be writing two more series on the Lagos market.

Let me know when your find GOLD


* Ondo is a state in Nigeria.

*Source: Pictures without watermarks are from google images.

*Photocredit: Dapo davids photography. Check them out on IG: Dapo davids photography



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