Taste of failure

You might have mixed feelings reading this post but yes am writing about this.

I can boldly say to a very large extent I haven’t experienced failing at anything. I dread it with passion and success or nothing is my aim.

But then, this one time came and I failed, yes I did. It hurts really bad to fail actually.  I applied for a graduate internship program in a multinational and I passed the first and second stage. Then at the third stage was a reasoning test. Would I say I didn’t practice for the test? Yes I did, but did I practice well? No I didn’t.

Fast forward to being in the test hall, I was taking my time to answer each questions carefully. At 10 minutes to go I had barely answered half of the questions in the answer sheet. I knew there was a high possibility of not making through this test but I was optimistic. At two minutes to go i played a game of choice and choose any option I felt was right. I came out knowing I just blew this opportunity but I was optimistic.

I got home and felt really terrible, being Funke I thought about it and I refused not to dwell on it. Lo and behold the test result came out same day and I FAILED. It really sucks to fail.

I had learnt in a hard way from this one experience and this few points kept resonating in my head:

  • Whatever opportunity life throws at you make the best out of it.
  • Practice well and hard for any exam or test be it relevant or otherwise.
  • Be time conscious when writing a test; getting a wristwatch will help.
  • Answer questions as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid the last hour rush.
  • And pray like you didn’t practice .

Please drop additional tips which helps you perform better in exams or test that I didn’t add in the comments box , I would love to hear from you.


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