The little things…

Sometime ago as I was preparing for work, I struck a conversation with my mother and she was sharing somethings with me.

She said a lot in a little while, but my only response had been the little things people often overlook and see as normal is what majority can’t afford. Then she felt better and was grateful to God. I was so happy in my spirit as that was the Holy spirit dropping words in my heart. The whole day I kept meditating on this particular words.

The other day at almost 9:00pm I saw a homeless woman with her child sleeping peacefully on her arm just by the road side and I appreciated God for good and comfortable shelter and loving family members.

This little things can be anything from air, food, appetite, shelter, love to good health, just name it. Most people can’t afford that which you have.

When last did you appreciate your maker for the little things you have which in reality is really big and not having them again changes everything?

Be grateful for the little (big) things you have and watch what you wish and pray for come your way.

Be thankful always.

Please share you experiences of the little (big) things.

Cheers guys!!!


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